JetBrowser address bar commands

The address bar on JetBrowser doesn't only exist to decode URLs and then load web pages. It also works as a console. You can enter a command and it'll decode it's meaning and load the web page it represents.

The commands usually start with the term "about:". However, there are a few commands that start with a different term.

The most usual commands are:

  • about:search - This opens the default search engine. The anonymous and fast DuckDuckGo.
  • about:welcome - This opens the welcome page. You can also access this page through the right click.
  • about:help - This opens the help page, which is also accessible through the welcome page.

Away from those, JetBrowser has some new commands:

  • music:<name of song> - This way you search directly for a song on Grooveshark.
  • video:<name of video> - This way you search for a video on YouTube.
  • movie:<name of movie> - This way you search for a movie on Crackle.


JetBrowser arguments

You can start JetBrowser by simply issuing a link as an argument. That can be anything. From and http or ftp links, a file on your computer or about:blank. For example:

user@pc ~ # /opt/webarena/webarena file:///home/user/page.html


JetBrowser and keystrokes

From the next release (6.0.426) you will be able to use key combinations to preform some task. For example:

  • <Ctrl>+ J - Open the about dialog.
  • <Ctrl>+Q - Quit/exit JetBrowser.
  • <Ctrl>+T - Open a new tab.

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