What is JetBrowser  

JetBrowser is a lightweight, very fast and extremely secure web browser. It was firstly a only available for Windows and Windows Phone but, after a year of inactivity (while developing Cinux) the project abandoned the Windows platform compatability and currently only supports Linux clients and it is based on the Webkit engine. However, JetBrowser is expanding it's suppot to three more platforms: Windows, Windows Phone and Android.

If you want to protect your anonymity on the web or even localy, your computer from malware and spyware and browse the web faster than the fastest web browser available out there, JetBrowser is the one for you. No IP tracking, no cookies, no downloads if you do not want them. JetBrowseris the most secure, light and fast web browser.

JetBrowser is also the default web browser of the minimalistic Linux distribution iQunix.

Things you can do:

  • Get Involved
  • Spread the world
  • Help other people
  • Become a member of the community
  • Create apps

Articles about JetBrowser:

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JetBrowser is a project founded and developed by Constantino Apostolou.

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